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Capacity planning for proactive project planners. Maximize your resources and forecast the future.

[2024/07/16] Update 1.30 'Daily And Weekly Time Resolution' is live

Welcome to CapaPlanner!

Not doing capacity planning holds you back and hurts your organisation.

Start with CapaPlanner to align your resources with your customers requests.

Integrate into your IT landscape

Connect your key enterprise applications and make them more valuable.

Take your capacity planning to the next level

Data-based capacity planning

Considers detailed resource and project data.


CapaPlanner simulates detailed plans and projects workload into the future.

AI for data maintenance

Get better results by using AI to fill missing data, such as estimates or sub tasks.

Multi everything

CapaPlanner projects resources and tasks with multiple skills, roles and groups. "Multi connections for everything!"

See into your future!

CapaPlanner calculates detailed future workload and timelines for you.

Communicate complex data

Absorb key information quickly and easily through charts and graphs. Level up the way you negotiate your projects.

Automation-powered planning

Delegate time-consuming steps to automation and fast-track your work. From data cleaning and integrations to reporting capacities.

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Update 1.30 'Daily And Weekly Time Resolution'

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