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  • Availability calendars
  • Integrations

Change Log

[2024/06/04] Update 1.26 'Easier Forecasting'

  • Added ability to edit persona groups
  • Added select, skip and external buttons for role/milestone rows
  • Improved user interface for importing projects from Jira to CapaPlanner
  • Added ability to select time period for charts

[2024/05/28] Update 1.25 'Integration with Jira'

  • Role delete option
  • Tasks per role visible
  • Import jira tasks using api key
  • Bug fixes

[2024/05/21] Update 1.24 'Color Customization'

  • Role column in persona page
  • Projects have custom colors now
  • Customizable roles colors
  • Archived tasks can be restored and deleted

[2024/05/16] Update 1.23 'Task Archiving'

  • Tasks archiving feature is available
  • CapaPlanner blog first article is ready to read
  • 1 month free trial with all rights
  • User can color the forecasting chart by group
  • Landing page has a new design

[2024/04/30] Update 1.22 'Better forecasting chart legend'

  • Better forecasting chart legends layout
  • Added Clear button for clearing chart filters
  • Skip option for Gewerke/Leistunphase table
  • Added Deselect button for selected forecast project

[2024/04/09] Update 1.21 'Chart Performance'

  • Improved performance of charts for 100+ projects
  • Updated chart legend layout
  • Fixed calculation of 100% utilization marker in chart
  • UI improvements

[2024/04/05] Update 1.20 'Smart Forecasting'

  • Added fields 'Project key' and 'Description' to projects"
  • Tasks and subtasks can optionally have a start date and a deadline
  • New 'External all' button for forecasting page

[2024/03/19] Update 1.19 'Understand Your Project Cost'

  • User can see project cost by money conversion table
  • Improved mobile view for forecasting and personas pages
  • Removed milestone checkbox from forecasting page
  • Added tooltip for percentages in forecasting page
  • Editable money conversion table

[2024/03/12] Update 1.18 'Filtering Forecasting Projects'

  • New view for filtering options in forecasting and dashboard page
  • Select and deselect projects in forecasting page
  • Improved design of utilization chart
  • Templates now have projects
  • Fixed an error related to project sorting

[2024/03/05] Update 1.17 'Sharing Workspaces'

  • Users can share workspaces
  • Different access permissions for sharing workspaces
  • Different colors for different project probabilities in pie charts
  • Improved performance
  • UI improvements in dashboard and forecasting page
  • Added persona groups to templates

[2024/02/27] Update 1.16 'Better Forecasting'

  • Ability to edit project in forecasting view
  • New filtering options for forecasting chart
  • Customizable forecasting chart
  • UX improvements for forecasting page
  • First steps for sharing workspace
  • New consulting template
  • Persona page custamizable now

[2024/02/20] Update 1.15 'New Forecasting Layout'

  • New layout for forecasting tab
  • Selecting project in forecast page
  • Added more customizations
  • Updated sidebar UI
  • Fixed dashboard tiles selection
  • Updated landing page

[2024/02/20] Update 1.15 'New Forecasting Layout'

  • New layout for forecasting tab
  • Selecting project in forecast page
  • Added more customizations
  • Updated sidebar UI
  • Fixed dashboard tiles selection
  • Updated landing page

[2024/02/13] Update 1.14 'More Filter Options'

  • Updated landing page for widescreens
  • Improved tasks addition
  • New probability filter for dashboard and forecast charts
  • Group filter for dashboard utilization charts

[2024/02/06] Update 1.13'Any Languages'

  • Filtering options for dashboard page
  • Forcastiong and dashboard pages are customizable now
  • Edit and delete languages
  • Added scroling bar for workspaces and languages
  • Improved landing page

[2024/01/30] Update 1.12 'Sparkles'

  • Finished new front page
  • Customizable language
  • Corrected calculation of pre-defined utilization
  • Improved default values for workspaces, milestones or tasks
  • Easier navigation for editing and copying workspaces

[2024/01/23] Update 1.11 'Beginning of customization'

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Added utilization forecast tiles for dashboard
  • Workspaces on new sidebar
  • New sections on landing page

[2024/01/18] Update 1.10 'ApexCharts'

  • Switch to ApexCharts
  • Recent workspace reference
  • Filtering options for role and city
  • Database update to store more settings
  • Showing 100% utilization in chart

[2024/01/11] Update 1.09 'Better CapaPlanner'

  • Performance improvements
  • Simplified tasks view
  • Added more tooltips

[2023/12/19] Update 1.08 'Happy Holidays'

  • Filtering by roles for forecast chart
  • Added 100% utilization line to forecast chart
  • Improved engine performance

[2023/12/12] Update 1.07 'Project Forecasting'

  • Updated landing page
  • Brand new project forecasting feature
  • New utilization outlook forecasting for project creation

[2023/11/29] Update 1.06 'Fourth level grouping'

  • Personas can be grouped now
  • Added projects as fourth level of grouping for tasks
  • Sorting tasks by drag and drop for new tasks layout

[2023/11/21] Update 1.05 'Task Refactoring' published

  • Improved sorting
  • Generalized tasks
  • Improved design

[2023/11/11] Update 1.04 'New Graph in Dashboard' published

  • 'Weekly Utilization' in dashboard
  • Tasks new layout for mobile
  • Improved graph for utilization visulalization

[2023/10/24] Update 1.03 'New Layout' published

  • New layout for tasks view
  • Visualization of utilization
  • Improved performance

[2023/10/10] Update 1.02 'Matrix Import' published

  • Added more import options
  • Improved UI performance for huge projects
  • Improved roadmap chart

[2023/09/26] Update 1.01 'New Dashboard' published

  • Dashboard shows missing deadlines and total working hours
  • Estimation factor added to milestones
  • User can import tasks from Matrix Csv
  • Documentation template for explaining CapaPlanner features
  • Improved tasks sorting
  • Arrows in Gantt chart to show dependency

[2023/09/19] Update 1.0 'Dependency' published

  • Support chat bot in the landing page
  • User interaction for dependency between milestones, tasks and subtasks
  • Import page UX improvements

[2023/09/12] Update 0.12 'Dependency Oriented Roadmap' published

  • Redesigned projects page
  • Users can now select import type from prompt, XML, CSV, Jira board while importing tasks
  • Directly add task to milestone and subtask to task
  • Improved roadmap with dependencies and better view on smaller screens
  • New Documentation project template

[2023/09/05] Update 0.11 'Roadmap' published

  • Imported tasks can be added to existing milestone
  • Roadmap is dynamic now, and shows project start and end dates
  • Improved construction and manufactoring templates resources
  • Improved editing personas' roles

[2023/08/29] Update 0.10 'Gantt Chart Based Roadmap' published

  • Gantt chart based roadmap
  • Improved dashboard
  • Checkboxes for importing tasks
  • Fixed bugs related to sending email confirmations
  • Improved UI for mobile devices

[2023/08/22] Update 0.9 'Imported Tasks Visualization' published

  • Added new manufacturing template
  • Imported tasks draft visualization
  • Saving imported tasks to new milestone
  • Improved UI for mobile devices

[2023/08/15] Update 0.8 'Project Templates' published

  • Added notifications for different actions
  • Highlighting chosen project template
  • Improved login and logout flow
  • Construction template has new milestones and tasks
  • Made UI elements more responsive for big projects

[2023/08/08] Update 0.7 published

  • User accounts
  • Multiple projects per user
  • Milestones
  • Show estimated productivity
  • New layout with dedicated dashboard and import tabs

[2023/07/05] Update 0.6 published

  • Users can now choose from three different templates to start with
  • UI improvements

[2023/06/19] Update 0.5 published

  • Import task
  • Task and task groups can be collapsed
  • Tasks assignees already visible in tasks
  • UI improvements

[2023/05/31] Update 0.4

  • Sorting tasks by dragging and dropping
  • It is now easier to group tasks via group field
  • Possibility to add a deadline to a task
  • App now provides latest possible start date to meet all deadlines

[2023/05/21] Update 0.3

  • CapaPlanner pages are dynamic now
  • Added invite code field
  • UI improvements

[2023/05/12] Update 0.2

  • We are happy to announce the first update
  • Task and task groups can be copied, edited and deleted now
  • Improved mobile version

[2023/05/06] Update 0.1

  • Guest accounts
  • Start with fixed template
  • Easily create personas and tasks
  • Task done dates calculated based on roles
  • Simple dependency model
  • Assumes personas will work on highest productivities, but will help each other once all possible main tasks are done